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  • Registration is free.
  • We will respond with an "Approval" email to allow you to proceed.
  • Your company details will be recorded ahead of your Intern/Learner registration.
  • Please keep your username and password safe for future use.
  • When you refer Interns/Learners you will also have access to our recruitment and sponsorship platforms with the same registration login details.
  • When you need to use these services, please first email your intent to intern.reg@mc-jobreadycareerskills.com.
  • To familiarize yourself with the Intern/Learner registration process, please visit their "Registration Page".

Affiliate Referrals

  • In the event that one of our Affiliates referred you, please select their name from the drop-down list on your registration template.
  • Affiliates are the point of contact  to assist you with basic queries about the program.
  • Please obtain their email address when you engage with them, otherwise it is obtainable from their Profile on our system under "Affiliates".
  • In the event that you do not have an Affiliate, our admin team will assist.
  • Please contact us at intern.reg@mc-jobreadycareerskills.com.
  • Our response turnaround time is 24 hours.

Crime Alert!!

  • Please do not provide any information to an imposter caller;
  • The only time we will communicate is via the email address provided above;
  • We will also use the candidates you refer as reference.