Market Feedback & Sentiments

-  The South African economy is at crises level and causing a ripple effect within the socio-economic landscape.

-   The youth (future working class) suffer the demise of and both financially morally compromised.

-   The suicide rate is increasing amongst the youth and families are finding it difficult to cope in every regard.

-   Business South Africa is making strategic adjustments and restructuring to:

  1. Remain in business.
  2. Align with the "new normal" by applying "artificial intelligence" in order to reach customers effectively.

Youth Empowerment

- This time, South Africa is ahead of the rest of the world in terms of employment equity and skills development measures.  While "Black Lives Matter" is finding traction to keep abreast of the challenges, we have the BBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment), SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority)  and Skills Development Legislation and policies that are compulsory to galvanise our own economic, skills and employment equality drive as we rally the previously disadvantaged people of South Africa.

-  The president of the USA, Joe Biden has always been involved with SA's equality processes and was one of the Senators in the USA government back in the early 80's to promote sanctions on SA for lack of empowerment policies in favour of the previously disadvantaged.  Today, he is proud to see our progress and the first executive order that he signed into parliament when taking office, was the "racial equality bill".  President Biden will have much influence with the SA government moving forward - something that can only mean "fairness for all". 

Corporate Adjustments

- Is Corporate SA cooperating with the above?  YES, but.....

- As much as SA Corporations need to follow policy, there is unfortunately still a great deal of tokenism.

- We "have" to do this right and rule out the sense of "loss" and see it as "gain".  Think about it, when we all apply these policies and empower the youth (who bear no baggage) - we can only restore the economy and build a vibrant future for all.

-  Interns usually learn product and vocational knowledge, it is not enough, 70% of these candidates do not enter sustainable careers after they conclude Internships.



                                                    R E S T O R E   D I G N I T Y  -  E N E R G Y  -  H O P E

Plea to S A Corporations

- Corporates register free - your brand will feature on the database that we refer to Labour and the Presidential Employment Recovery Platform.

- Help us to help our youth to regain their energy, passion and peace of mind.

Job Ready Program

-  Please, peruse our website to observe the modules and objectives of this soft skills training.

-  70% of graduates who register direct do not complete the process, due to lack of tools and resources.                         

-   We need them to complete the program during Internship free.

-  When they register, they are able to select your brand as their host.

-  Once they complete the Internship, they revert to the job ready community on our system where they reside under TALENT POOL  .

-   From here, we collaborate with blue chip recruitment companies to place them in sustainable jobs.

"A silver lining for a few cannot shine for long, unless we forward pass the light"