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  • Graduates/Alumni
  • Employers / Interns / Learners
  • Sponsorship Beneficiaries

Registration Process

Quick Guide:(QG)

After many messages to assist with the registration process, below please find a QG:

Students/Graduates/Interns/Learners/Sponsored Candidates:

  • Step One -   Register and keep your password safe.  We do have an option to help you trace your password in the event you forget it.
  • Step Two -   Enter the same username and password on the second phase of the registration on the template below.
  • Step Three - On the field where it asks, "where did you hear about us?" - please, select the appropriate option.  In the event that one of our Affiliates referred you, select Affiliate and the name of the person.  They will be your point of contact.  You can also email us at for assistance, but they must be selected.
  • Step Four -  You will receive the confirmation on your screen below that will ask you to "Complete your Profile and CV".  It is IMPERATIVE to complete every section to optimise your chances for a great job!  


  • Step Five -  Advance to the Job Ready Program and it will take you to the Welcome page with additional notes how the program flows.  On that page, you need to click at the bottom to access the program!    
  • Step Six - Payment Process:
  1. ​Candidates who pay - Proceed and click on "Job Ready Program". You will arrive at the pay station, then select Payment during check out and the system will automatically deduct your 50% "COVID-19" discount and only charge ZAR499.50.
  2. Candidates who are sponsored - Select the "Sponsor/Intern/Learner"  link during check out and the system will generate an order template that you need to email to us at  
  • Step Seven -   Point 1 above will click on "go to the program" to start the program.  
  • All candidates please feel free to email us at for any clarity.

Interns/Learners who are referred by Corporations (HR)

  • During registration when you arrive at the pay station, also select the "Sponsor/Intern/Learner"  link during check out and the system will generate an order template that you need to email to us and your employer.
  • Once your Employer has made payment, you will be notified to access the program.


  • Registration is free - please indicate how many Interns/Learners you want to refer.
  • You will receive a confirmation email .
  • Once your Interns/Learners have registered and forwarded you the order templates - our invoice will follow.
  • Quote the order number as reference on your EFT Payment.
  • Email the Proof of Payment (POP) to us at and provide it to your Intern/Learner as well to proceed with the program.

Program Duration, terms and conditions

  • The Job Ready Program (JRP)  is a one day program, but the candidate has to set-up a LinkedIn page and record a You Tube presentation video, the latter on its own can take one full day - taking us into two days.
  • Please do not rush!  Although it is a simple program (soft skills), the content is vital to be absorbed.
  • The Job Ready Program will hide the content once it issues a Recognition Badge and only provide a summary that introduce the objective of the program.  The latter is helpful, but to absorb the content is more of a help.
  • The IBM D-NA Program (IBM D-NA) could take up to 3 days, once again depending on the candidate's qualifications.  N.B.  You do NOT need to complete this program to be placed in a job.
  • The IBM D-NA  program is of great value though to support any profession during this 4th Industrial Revolution era and we highly recommend it.
  • Interns/Learners – you will not advance to the talent pool!
  • Please hand your "E-Job Ready Profile" link including your username and password to your Employer.  

Crime Alert!

  • We will NEVER call you to offer you a Job, the process is communicated via email; 
  • Please do not provide any information to an imposter caller;
  • The only time we would call is to try and get hold of you on behalf of a recruiter who cannot reach you;
  • Imposters are calling to offer people jobs and services and asking for money.

Graduates / Interns / Learners Registration