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Recruiter Ecosystem

  • Recruiters will be vetted upon registration.
  • Once approved - you will receive a confirmation email from (N.B!  make sure it comes from this email address).
  • You will get a second email with a template that outlines the process for the:

- short-listing

- placement payment

Template Structure (Sections)

  • Section A - consist of a proforma invoice and unique ref#  to quote on your EFT payments  for the placement payments.
  • Section B - provides the "short list" template that will accompany the TSST where you stipulate the job spec.
  • Section C - is a "Selection Feedback" template where you stipulate your final talent selection to be interviewed one-on-one.
  • Section D - is a second placement proforma invoice  to release the contact details of the short listed talent.
  • Section E - is a confirmation template of your final placement/s including the Proof Of Payment (POP) .

To start the above process, please send your TSST (Talent Search and Spec Template)  (download it from the Recruiter Webpage).


  • We will never call you, but email you.
  • We will ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESSES when we communicate with you:
  1. - invoicing matters
  2. - short listing, recruitment matters
  • IMPOSTERS are making contact, offer fake jobs/talent, and ask for money!
  • We only charge the following fees that is paid as stipulated above:
  1. Placement at Covid-19 discount = ZAR2,500.00 including VAT per placement.

Our Recruitment certification no is PEA1000405/6

Recruiter Registration