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The unprecedented shift in the business sector due to COVID-19 requires that we work as a collective to remedy the challenges that are threatening business sanity and survival; it also place urgency on employment initiatives to support the growth of our economy.


“To combine efforts to re-engineer a sustainable “Human Capital Economy.”

Registration Process

  • Afiliate Registration is free.

Pre-screening Process  

  • We will vet your registration, and upon approval you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The system informs your referrals to "select" your name from the drop down list when they register.
  • The system sends you a notification email when your referrals register.
  • The system also sends instructions and guidelines on your report, how to claim your commission.


  1. Job Ready Program
  2. Intern Placements (first time job seekers)


  1. Job Ready - ZAR499,00 including VAT
  2. Placements - ZAR3, 750 including VAT - Covid special, negotiable
  3. ESD Contributors - ZAR2,500.00 incuding VAT, negotiable

Target Market:

  • Final Year Students - tertiary institutions
  • Graduates
  • Alumni
  • Interns/Learners
  • Corporations
  • 3rd Party Recruiters


20% flat rate including VAT

H R Specialists - 30% flat rate including VAT


Affiliates must have at least one of the following experiences/interactions:

  1. H R Practitioning (Learning & Development)
  2. Business Consulting
  3. Government - Local / National Labor Departments, Skills Development Chambers
  4. Student Housing - Development and Management
  5. Student representation at Tertiary Institutions
  6. Training & Development - Youth Skills Development
  7. Student Unions
  8. Labor Union
  9. BBEE Verification Agencies
  10. Independant HR Agencies

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