Youth Employment


Research studies show that one of the main reasons why unemployment is soaring amongst the Youth is due to unpreparedness to be "Job Ready"!

There is a common “narrative” amongst young job seekers when they engage during a job interview that promotes "theories", opposed to exuding uniqueness!

At the virtual "MasterClass Job Ready Career Skills Academy"  we offers cutting-edge soft skills and career guidance to remedy the status quo and aim to:

i) Develop the candidate's psyche to allow them to be authentic, unique and relevant during a job interview and on the job.

ii) Develop an acceptable work ethic and a sound value system that they can apply on the job. 

Recruiters and Corporations (HR)


Our world has changed due to COVID-19 and causing us to "re-imagine" how we need to do business moving forward! At "MasterClass Job Ready Career Skills Academy"  our recruitment specialists effectively short-list young talent.

Our candidates are well prepared for the "new normal" and available, able and willing to work either:

  • Remote Jobs - from their home representing a brand anywhere in the world.
  • Hybrid Jobs - willing to relocate to the country where they will perform hybrid jobs.
  • On-site - locally or internationally.

N.B.  All our candidates comply with the covid-related protocol of the relevant country. 


Our Vision & Mission Statements


Vision Statement

We aim to equip young job seekers with cutting-edge job ready skills, tools and resources to enable them to achieve sustainable careers and subsequently impact and grow their relevant economies.

Mission Statement

Our task now is not to "fix" the blame for the past, but to "fix" the course for the future. Our task is also not "class warfare", but it is "generational warfare".  The world system failed the youth - "that" is the real war going on here.  "That" is the war we need to talk about in order to rescue our future generation.

Business Developer/Owner/Program Director

                                               Rosemarie Angeline Lodewick

         2014                      2020     

Serial Entrepreneur / Adventurer / Author
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Who are we?

1.  Amongst others, we are a registered Skills Development & Recruitment Agency under Section 8 of the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998. 

2. Registered with the "POPIA" (Protection Of Private Information Act).

3.  Work under the Property Fidelity Fund Certificates of our Developers.

Rosemarie's Bio

Rosemarie's life journey is a testimony of wisdom vs intellect.  She is a "victor" of the apartheid era in South Africa that left many of her peers with deep scars due to extreme marginalisation by a past regime, but why did she not suffer such dimise? Alas! Because the kingdom of God resides in us humans, so why allow powerless forces of the spiritual warfare to overcome us?  The word of God says, quote "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this workd, against spiritual wickedness in high places". Ephesians 6:12 (KJV).


Rosemarie was fortunate to sharpen her skills during her tenure at many amazing banks. 

1988 -1994

ABSA (Associated Banks of South Africa) 

- HR Practitioner -  Rosemarie acquired her HR Diploma (PGDPM) from the "Institute for Personnel Management" - Parktown, Johannesburg (SA). 

- Marketer - ABSA Property Division - she moved to this division as one of the pioneers to expedite the "Multi-Listing" software system that was marketed to the Real Estate Fraternity in SA. 

1995 - 2003


- Sales & Marketing Consultant, Property Division - as a top performer on a consistent basis, when Rosemarie achieved 1st place nationally for writing the highest value of home loan business during 1999, she moved from Nedbank's Property Division to consult to Corporate SA on behalf of Nedbank's Group Schemes Division

- Master Trainer, HIV Aids Nedbank Projects - nominated as one of the pioneers to start the Nedbank HIV Aids project.   

- Ad Hoc Trainer, Nedbank - when Rosemarie left Nedbank during 2003, she joined a vendor to train various banking products at Nedbank, such as: Code of Banking / Basel Financial Intelligence Systems II / Crime Awareness.

- Part-time studies - during 2001, Rosemarie did night studies at the Rhema Bible College to obtain a Diploma in "Community Leadership" - this knowledge and qualification still stands her in good stead to deliver  her social contribution to society. 

- During 2003, Rosemarie left Nedbank to start her own business, and delved into what she knew best.  

Products and Services:

2003 - date

- Mortgage Origination

- Property Development consulting

- Business Development

- Training Nedbank staff under a private vendor:

i) Code of banking practice; ii) Crime Awareness; iii) Basil II Financial Intelligence.

2007 - Date 

  • Job Readiness - Tertiary Graduates
  • Tutoring - coaching tutoring business models to graduate teachers
  • Property Development Consulting (work with land owners, developers and construction industry)
  • Business Development - coach emerging SME's 
  • Mortgage Origination (including "Solar Energy Solutions" via the Home Loan)
  • Consumer Education:  Offer "Well-being" Skills &  Debt Rescue & Rehabilitation solutions via a "Bond Optimiser" Gateway

Extra murals

- Cooking, domestic chores, and occasionally baby-sitting grandchildren:-)  

- Reading, travel and outdoors  

1975 - 1983

- Youth Leader   

-  Served on her Community Sports and Housing Committees

-  Running and played social tennis

- Writing:  i) journals ii) wrote and directed a play (The Mock Wedding)

-  Freelance journalism - Beeld Newspapers

-  Continuity Presenter in training - had six appearances on SABC TV 1 for "From the Book" (a bible reading opening slot on TV)


Wrote and self-published her book called “The Rugby Fan”.

- The book is based on a true story of an All Black Rugby Player (the stalwart Stephan Donald),  who was under duress by fans for losing two critical games for the All Blacks - something that was not part of the fairytale winning-run of AB rugby; needless to say that fans did not bode well with the loss!

-The book advocates rational, fair and decent sports blogging where Rosemarie was one of only two females amongst an army of International males and ruthless bloggers! 

- Blogging on, while at work during 2010 - 2013 was a roller coaster experience!  Here Rosemarie set the record straight and distinguished loyal fans from haters.  She took the opportunity to encourage players to express their faith, use rhythm more (maybe go Nia Dancing - a Chinese dancing technique to boost rhythm).  She also encouraged athletes to consider relocating to other rugby nations to obtain financial sustainability, as rugby does not provide any guarantee, neither does it sustain families of rugby players after they hung up their boots!

- Real time blogging content is documented in the book that includes much humor, tears, and passion during blogging.  The book goes on to advocate unbiased relationships between athletes and fans, and also shares the history of rugby (educational). 

- New Zealand government made a documentary of the fairytale story of Stephan Donald, called "The Kick".  This documentary depicts many emotions of the player himself, the nation and the fans.  SD was a villain for most of his early rugby career despite his brilliant talent and prowess; when backed by Rosemarie for three years during the blogging fiesta - she made a statement on the blog and said, quote "Stephen Donald will be the last man standing come 2011 Rugby World Cup".  This prophetic statement turned into reality and vindicated both SD and Rosemarie!  

The book was:

- launched at Twickenham, London during a Rugby show - 2014

- awarded author of the month at OR Thambo International's marketing fair, in association with Exclusive books and Kwenda Marketing (2015)

- Is available on Amazon International and a few online stores

Operating Company - History

Rosemarie’s company, “MasterClass Trading 133 CC” is a registered company within the SA law and a VAT Vendor. The company ethos runs on sound values and fall under the Jurisdiction of God the Father and CEO, Jesus Christ the Savior and Marketing Head, The Holy Spirit, Operational Force, Power and Counsellor - thousands of angels as subordinates and way-makers.

 “Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you."

                                                                                   -Jon Bon Jovi-