• Final Year - University Students 
  • Alumni/Graduates
  • Employers' Interns / Graduates
  • Interns under the Redeployment Program
  • Sponsorship Beneficiaries

Registration Process

Quick Guide:(QG)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


  • Step One -   Register and keep your sign-in details safe.  However, we do have an option for you to reset your password.  After registration, you will receive a "Welcome notification" notice on your screen (see window below).
  • Step Two -   Proceed and click on the window link that says "Complete your Profile and CV".  
  • Step Three -  It is IMPERATIVE to complete every section on your Profile Template to optimise your credibility!

N.B.  All candidates may email us at for assistance, but please be selective. 


  • Step Five -  Advance to the Job Ready Program and it will take you to the Welcome page with additional introductory notes.
  • Step Six - Payment Process:
  1. ​Candidates who pay direct - Proceed and click on "Job Ready Program". You will arrive at the pay station, then select Payment during check out-  the system will automatically offer the discounted amount@ ZAR999.50.


  1. Candidates who are sponsored
  2. Candidates who are under the Intern Redeployment Program
  3. Candidates who are referred by their Employers at the start of the Internship Program

ALL OF THE ABOVE  - When you arrive at the paystation, select the "Sponsor/Intern"  link during check out and the system will generate an "order template" .  We will receive the same notification that you receive and we will forward it to your Sponsor/Employer. 

You may also email your copy to us at

Employers Payment Process 

  • Registration is free - please indicate how many Interns/Graduates & Interns who exit you would like to refer once your request has been approved.  (N.B. We follow a due diligence process prior to approval) .
  • You will receive a confirmation (approval) email .
  • Once your candidates have registered and forwarded the order template/s - our invoice will follow.
  • Quote the order number as reference on your EFT Payment.
  • Email the Proof of Payment (POP) to us at .
  • We will activate the candidate's access once payment clears.

Program Duration, terms and conditions

  • The Job Ready Program (JRP)  is a one day program.  Should the candidate opt to set-up a LinkedIn page and record a You Tube intro video, the latter could take an extra day or more time.  Hence, they need to discuss with the Employer as these options are more important to the Interns who exit the program. 

Crime Alert!

  • We will NEVER call you to offer you a Job, the process is communicated via email; 
  • Please do not provide any information to an imposter caller;
  • The only time we would call is to try and get hold of you on behalf of a recruiter who cannot reach you;
  • Imposters are calling to offer people jobs and services and asking for money.

Graduates / Interns / Learners Registration