Nothing quite prepares consumers to be mindful of an unexpected economic downturn that triggers high inflation, excessive interest rates, and job redundancies.  These are particularly aggressive when it's a global occurrence.  On the contrary, there is always a way out to avoid the worst to happen when "wise financial planning" is in place. And for those who are affected in any event, it is not easy to bounce back unless you seek professional help.



MasterClass Home Buyer Credit Repair Program (MC-HB-CRP) 

- The above product is available to "prospective" home buyers  in distress.  

When you send an email request, we will respond with a single template to do verification and once you have been accepted by the system, we will send you a registration pack.

- The information will assist us to assess your Risk Profile and provide you with an affordable quote that is by far less than the market rates!   



Rehabilitation Process

-We will follow-up with a Home Loan Pre-Assessment via the Home Loan Gateway at our Multi Net Home Loans Platform.  

-Once the above is secured and you have been advised of the outcome and agree with the terms and conditions, you will start the Rehabilitation Process that includes:

>> Module I - Mental Conditioning to help you with mind-mapping and cognitive skills around consumerism.  This will include a short psychometric assessment that will provide a report that informs you of your behaviour (habits) around consumerism vs recommended "sound" behaviour.

>> Module II - Borrower Education, as ex-bankers with 30 years home loan experience, our traditional approach is "always" to offer Borrower Education during the home loan application process, but this time around, when we process the Rehabilitation modules, we offer advanced borrower education.

Outcome-based goals

>>To assist the prospective home buyer to enjoy "home owner" sustainability and peace of mind.

>> To have a sound budget plan.

>> To avoid impulsive "retail therapy".

>> To  maintain and manage the property to allow it to "appreciate".

>> To honour bond repayments and work with suitable terms to avoid excessive interest.

                                                     Let us help you realise your property acquisition right here!



Real Estate Accredited Panel

-Our history and reference around the Real Estate Prowess is available on our Home Page for ease of reference, thus, we have a formidable network on national basis to support our rehabilitated prospective home buyers to acquire properties according to the specs they provided.




Multi Net Home Loan Submission to the Bank of Choice

-This is a very vulnerable stage during the process.  Settling debt and removing ITC traces are merely part of the clearance process, but usually, clients in distress also have bad credit records with their banks!  Unfortunately, no 3rd party has access to these records to clear traces, they are there to help the banks deal with risk mitigation, therefore, it is a critical stage to work with us "ex-bankers" who understand the culture of banks and aim to support their credit policy, as much as we offer them the nuances around rehabilitated clients. 

-You do not want anything to go wrong at this stage, as we focus on this exit strategy that could potentially set you up for life! Thus, we need you to equally focus and stay to the end to allow us, the home loan experts to submit your home loan to a "suitable bank" (not multi-submit and put our heads in the sand, hoping "some bank" would approve your loan, NO! ) That is taking 100 steps backwards!  Instead, we need to share the incredible rehabilitation journey and history . supported by and your psychometric reports at the entry and exit (2 reports) that you have experienced a mental-shift. 



Mental Health Support

- We find that a lot of people in distress have challenges with mental health due to the financial stress they have to bear, thus, our councillors are on standby to support such clients.

-You may select such service on the Needs Analysis Template that we provide in your registration pack. 

Target Market

Individuals with Job Stability and who have been with an established brand (employer) for a minimum of 5 years.

Arrears  -Collective Arrears on debts not exceeding R200 000.00 (two hundred thousand rand).

Debts  -Collective debts (i.e. retail, mobile contracts, banking products, other) not exceeding R400 000.00 (four hundred thousand rand).

Client must not have a previous "home loan" black-listing.

For more information, please email:  rosemarie@multinetmortgages.co.za

Or WhatsApp us @ 0846852513