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  • Local and International Corporations;
  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Private Individuals


  • Indicate how many graduates you would like to sponsor.
  • Your registration with your "interest" will reach us at
  • You will receive a response email from the same email address with a list of the beneficiaries.
  • The beneficiaries will register and select your company details from their drop down list.
  • Their registration will generate an "order template" that you will receive with an invoice and you will need to quote the order ref# on your EFT payment.
  • Please refer to the Graduate registration page for more info.


  • Should you have interest to employ the beneficiary/ries on any of the following levels:
  1. Intern - Local or International (remote/on-site);
  2. Permanent staff - Local or International (remote/on-site), you may peruse the terms and conditions for the placement  process on the "Recruiter's" Page;
  • You can use the same registration log in details to access the recruitment service.

Intern / Learner Referrals: 

  • When you refer "your" candidates to do the program, the system does not advance them to the Talent Pool.
  • You will receive their "E-Job Ready" link including their IBM D-NA badge  once they have completed the Programs.


Business Solutions and Strategies - In Preparation of "The New Normal"

  • Once your payment is successful, we will email you an extract from the Remote Working Techniques Module.
  •  This Module presents to our young academics how a business can apply innovative strategies during the New Normal Era;
  •  It shares how businesses need to move away from the status quo and adjust their operations by designing constructive concepts and solutions to help their businesses resurge from this unprecedented onslaught of COVID-19!
  • We also share the mechanisms how this could be executed to help businesses fast track their recoveries and to galvanize their bottom lines!
  • People say COVID-19 is here for a reason - we agree, it is the catalyst for change across every aspect of life and business - the strategies we share are absolutely the "silver lining" of the COVID-19! 


  • Look out for imposters - we will never ask for money, but purely to sponsor a graduate and charge for a job placement!
  • Feel free to email us at to verify any information.

Thank you for your participation.

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